Genetically Manufactured.. Okay, I Don’t Remember What a GMO is..

Genetically modified organisms are trending, and not at all in the right way. Pro-organics, vegetarians, and animal rights activists are all teaming up to take down GMOs, but why? This is caused by the disconnect between the farmer and the consumer.

 Why did farmers and agricultural researchers begin using and utilizing genetically modified organisms? We had to start using them to feed the rise in not only demand, but population. The estimated population for the year 2050 in just the United States is 438 million, in the world 9.6 billion. We do not have the land or the technology to feed this massive increase as of now, but with the help of GMOs and the continued support of agriculturists and scientists we will get there. But we must use GMOs. Dr. Sally Mackenzie, a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln says, “If we want to eat with climate change, we will need new technologies or we simply won’t survive– and that’s just reality.” 

 The next thing America is unaware about is the nutritional value of a GMO. The nutrients you get from a GMO does not just compare to a non-GMO, it is actually the exact same. In fact, according to companies like Pioneer, a seed business, are engineering seed that will increase health benefits, making oils free of transfat. 

 It also essential that we know that we have been genetically engineering and modifing plants and animals for over 100 years. The known and loved Gala Apple was genetically modified from the apples Golden Delicious and the Kid’s Orange-Red breed. This is just one example. 

Another seed company called Syngenta, just came out with a drought resistant corn seed. Can we even imagine what effect this would’ve had on the Great Depression? Or even the drought that swept through the Midwest in 2012? This corn, of course, is genetically modified to be drought resistant. This GMO is not only providing more yield, but a consistent yield. 

While there is obviously wonderful advantages to genetically modified organisms there’s a huge disadvantage. There is no one telling Americans that these are safe and healthy products to put on your table. When we go to the grocery store and have the option to pick a non-GMO or a GMO it is vital that we pick the choice that will help producers and scientist get to where they need to be in the next 35 years to feed that 9.6 billion. Pick the GMO. 


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