A Whole New Ball Game

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, otherwise known as PETA, is an organization that has been trying to take down the American farmer and livestock producer for quite some time now. They often do this by rallying other operations, restaurants, and organizations against the producer. This time PETA proposed an idea to Domino’s Pizza to add vegan cheese and meat to the menu. Domino’s refused by 43.2 million votes because there is not a demand for vegan cheese or meats, is that not music to your ears? Conventional agricultural producers nationally are thanking Domino’s for not bowing down to these animal rights activists. [Pork Network]

There’s more bad news for animal rights activists. HumaneWatch recently released a video about how gestation stalls, or maternity pens, are actually the safest way to keep swine. The best part is yet to come, HumaneWatch did this eye-opening video with an ex-HSUS employee. This makes in obviously clear that HSUS’s main objective is taking down pork producers, not animal welfare. It has been reported that there is a 2 to 3 percent higher mortality rate for sows since HSUS outlawed maternity pens in big pork producing states like Indiana. Looks like we’re turning a new page in advertisement and the score is Conventional Agricultural Producers: 2, Animal Rights Activists:0.


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