Hunger Fighters

WFPGYIThis October I had the opportunity to attend the World Food Prize Global Youth Institute. This life-changing conference is where 200 students, not only from a variety of states, but also countries, come together to learn about ways hunger affects the world. On the last day of the conference, each student delegate presented a paper they had prepared identifying a country and a factor that is preventing the country from achieving sustainability.

The country I chose was Guatemala. I chose Guatemala because last winter I lead a community service project called “Yuda Bands.” The Yuda Bands organization is a program that sell authentic Guatemalan bracelets to pay for high school student’s education. My high school paid for Angel Marroquin’s first year of high school. Seeing Angel’s desire to improve his current situation and education inspired me. So I researched Guatemala a little more and found a major connection. Maybe if education was a higher priority in this Central American country, more little stomachs wouldn’t go to bed so hungry.

Here’s me and the first World Food Food Prize Laureate, Dr. M.S. Swaminathan. Dr. Swaminathan was my group leader, and at the age of 92, had amazing responses to everyone in my group. Although he did not start the Green Revolution he is responsible for transitioning it into to India and other parts of Asia. GYI

The World Food Prize was established by Norman E. Borlaug in 1986. After Norm won the Nobel Peace Prize for saving billions of lives from starvation, he saw the need for a Nobel prize for work done in the field of agriculture. Norman saved Mexico and many other countries from famines by creating a high-yielding, rust-resistant wheat seed. He is to this day, known for saving more lives than any other person in the world. He is also called the Father of the Green Revolution. I think that instead of hearing what Kim Kardashian is wearing to the grocery store, we should hear more about remarkable agricultural heroes like Norman.


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