Definition: Chey’s Emprise

I have recently changed the name of my blog from “Youth Agricultural Advocates” to “Chey’s Emprise.”  I did this for two main reasons. The first being, after accepting my second internship I am coming to terms with the fact that I will not always be considered “youth.” Sadly, my time in this category is coming to an end sooner than what I thought imaginable!

Secondly, I’ve noticed a trend in my life. I love adventure. Actually, I crave adventure.


Before I go any further let’s break this new title down a bit. Chey is short for Cheyenne and Cheyenne is me! Emprise is a word that comes from the Anglo-French word emprende meaning to “undertake.” Merriam-Webster defines the world as “an adventurous, daring, or chivalric enterprise.” I like to think that my stories, my blogs, and the things that I decide to pursue fall into this word very fittingly. Some of the categories include my journey as a Nebraska FFA state officer and Kenya Edition referring to my most current adventure, an internship with the World Food Prize, which will take me to Mbita, Kenya for eight weeks this summer.

With these things being said, I hope this blog serves as a few things. The most obvious being a way to keep track of my travels to Kenya this summer and the ones that are sure to follow later in my education, career, and life. I’ve found that writing is my favorite form of reflection, a relaxing hobby, and a skill I would love to embrace and grow. I also want this blog to show an accurate depiction of who I am, a growth-oriented picture of who I want to be, and a symbolic bridge of the two. Thanks for listening and if you want to track my travels subscribe below!


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