A Blog about God

Every once in a while I find myself circling back to the same question, “Should I write about God again?” I know it separates me from a few and distances me from a couple, but either way I always answer the question with a solid “Yes.” So here it is:

Last weekend I went to a church in the village of Mbita. I’m still working on understanding accents and dialects and a portion of the service was in Swahili so I can’t say that I picked up on everything. Beyond that, I also made a few friends with the children in the surrounding three or four rows. Their infatuation with my hair and bracelets also meant that I had one or two on my lap or in my arms during all parts of the three-hour service. Truthfully I can’t keep the smile off of my face just thinking about the experience. I was almost positive there was no way that I was going to walk out of that open-air, tin-roofed, breath-taking church with all three of my bracelets. But if you know me at all, you know that I would’ve been okay if I hadn’t because their ornery smiles and heart-warming laughs were well worth it and I have more than I should waiting for me at home.

The sermon was about Jesus’ unconditional love. For He even loved a prostitute, Mary Magdalene, like she was close family. Like she was a sister. When we find ourselves questioning how He could love people and sinners like ourselves, this story reminds us it was never up to us to be deserving of His love anyways – it’s His grace and goodness that saves!

While I thoroughly enjoyed the sermonand especially being welcomed into a community full of praise and joy, there is a place where I cannot help but to feel even closer to my Father.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in a green plastic chair. In front of me sits a white wooden table with my blue floral journal and my water. If I raise my eyes just a bit further I see tall tropical vibrant trees framing my view to one of His most spectacular creations. It’s the sunset on Lake Victoria. I know I’ve written about this before, but sixteen days into my travels and this sight continues to still my doubts and guides my thoughts to His grace and His plan.

It really can’t be captured in pictures, but here’s an attempt! 


This reminder makes sure that I constantly know that I am here for a reason. The past twenty days have been hard and I am sure that the forty days to follow will bring more challenges. But above and beyond that, I am here and here I will stay. There are many more farmers to meet, things to learn, places to see, and problems to understand. An incredible journey like this can get a bit draining, but I am lucky enough to have access to a water that will not dry or empty; my faith in Jesus.


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